Happy life with a good landlord!

If you move to London and you want to do room share in London or house share in London, you must find the best place for you! You can do that with only one click and with one search on our website!

Living arrangements. Once you come to London you must consider first to find a room or a house for you. First, you must think at some things as: If your future landlord may have to vacate the family that stayed in the room you want before or if they want to stay one more week or something, you must choose with days or ever weeks before your arrival in London. You must think also about taking temporary accommodation at your future landlord. If it is a big house you can also talk with your future landlord and family that already stay in the house to move in a room they have, even if they still live in that house for some days. It can be simple to act hastily and afterwards end up regretting your actions, as a result may be worth spending the funds renting temporarily.

In London are very much rooms to rent, if you do it with our help you are kept away from different scams. Before accept an announcement for renting a house or a room, we verify it first. We assure that the landlord will not ask for more money than he tell us first. We also assure about the fact that he Is a serious one and that he offers you all he said in the announcement posted on our website.

If you will be a tenant or lodger, you must know some rules. Here is just one of them:

Guests are the responsibility of the tenant who invited them and end up being respectful of your house room share London rules. Landlord has accurate to ban any person(s) if they present something to watch with the property or other tenants living within want to find out. Before invite someone at your rented house, you must ask your room or house colleagues. They must agree with your idea before you can invite someone because they live in the same place with you and your actions can bother them. You need to do it when they are available to do it or when they aren’t home. But, even if they aren’t home you must tell them first.